31 May 2017

Well done

Assim começou o dia hoje, com um email geral do Director:
"Good morning everyone.
We had a client meeting yesterday and we received a very good feedback on the stage 3 reports. They said that the reports were excellent and wanted to thank all for producing a collated report of a very high standard. 
Well done to everyone involved and thanks for all of your hard work. This is a very important client and we should always be looking to exceed their expectations. A special thanks to Jonatas for modelling both buildings and producing such a large quantity of drawings in a limited time." 

Nada como ver o noso esforço reconhecido!


Anonymous said...



Fernando Baptista said...

Parabéns amigo! Que a saúde, a sorte e o trabalho nunca te faltem para mais vezes te sentires feliz e honrado como te deves estar a sentir agora.
Abraço. Fernando.

JCS said...

Muito bem!